Personalised Chef knife

The best seller and a great all-rounder

The perfect 8 inch chef style knife,  exactly to your taste.

We have the design and steel. You personalise the design on the blade. 


Whats your dream kitchen knife?

Any style, any size, any materials. A unique knife built for you and no one else. We will guide you through the process and create something you could only dream of.


Sheffield's finest personalised kitchen knives

APOSL was forged in the ‘City of Steel’ Sheffield. World-class knives combine exquisite designs, carefully chosen materials and traditional processes.


Blending utility and beauty, APOSL knives make wonderful gifts for food-lovers, keen cooks and anyone with a passion for great design.

precision engineering


A premium steel from Liberty steels. Used for high end applications, this steel out-performs most other premium knives on the market. High carbon content allows this steel to keep a fine edge whilst using its stainless properties to be wear resistant. If you don't believe it, we have the specs to prove it: 

Cr 13%, Mn 0.7%, C 0.69%, Si 0.3%, P 0.018%, S,008%

The chefs grip

Our unique form  has been designed with professional chefs and years of prototyping to achieve the ultimate handle grip and blade angle.

With a blade depth of 50mm and 43mm knuckle clearance, this blade will suit all hand types


sustainable materials

All the materials used for our handles have been highly critiqued and tested. We use a variety of materials seen only in bespoke knife design for lifetime durability looks of beauty.

Check out our recycled plastic handles, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable


The love shared

Peter Sanderson

"I’ve just received my chef knife from APOSL and I’m hugely impressed. Their knives really are beautiful and the quality and craftsmanship is unmistakable."

Paul Moore

"Quality on all fronts. Following a recommendation, i contacted Alex to discuss some knives for both my new kitchen and also for the design and delivery of some bespoke knives as a gift. The service and knives provided were first class. I don't go anywhere else now and highly recommend APOSL for all your knives and associated products."

Simon Webb

"Aposl are one of the most innovative knife design companies that we have commissioned. Their pursuit of detail and client satisfaction is exemplary."

Jessica Hughes

"Ordered a knife for Christmas last year and we got a beautiful product! The guys etched snowflakes onto the knife and even put in a Christmas card for me and my boyfriend. It's nice to know businesses still go the extra mile. Would 100% recommend."

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