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We pride ourselves on the quality of our material selection using only the highest grade steel and hard woods. The APOSL guarantee covers any issues with craftsmanship or quality, as long as the knife has been used in kitchen conditions and in accordance with APOSL policies.

APOSL knives are solely for use in the kitchen for food preparation. Your knife must be used in this way for the guarantee to apply.

During their lifetime, blades will receive some wear and tear which adds to their character. The guarantee does not apply to scratches. use outside of the guidelines or loss of the product. The guarantee applies only to faults outside of your control.

Caring for your knife

APOSL knives are made with fine materials, with special mineral oils for blade protection and a smooth finish. This finish will be damaged if the knives are placed in a dishwasher. In order for the knife to last a lifetime, please hand wash only.

Please use the handle wax provided to keep it protected.

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