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Made in Sheffield

Pushing the boundaries of knife design

Following Sheffield's steel pioneers

Inspired by Sheffield's famous heritage.


The mission is to offer professional chef’s knives that combine durability and strength with unrivalled aesthetic appeal. Each APOSL knife is made with the utmost attention to detail. These are tools to rely on and take pride in – tools that incorporate the finest materials and the highest production values.

Aposl only use the highest specification of stainless steel, complimented with handles crafted from materials such as Richlite, Micarta and 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastics.

The result is a knife that perfects a thousand-year-old craft.

Sheffield Steel

Our passion is Sheffield steel. It's what we were brought up knowing, it's what the world has known us for, it's what we aim to show.


The Sheffield steel industry is still very much alive.


Each design starts with you, each one of our products are centered around the design you would like. Making all our knives personal to you.

the design process


Through rigorous research in materials, ergonomics, manufacturing processes and speaking to experts in the industry we aim to build all our products through this methodology.

Over 0.6% Carbon

design & development

We started with paper and a pencil for all our designs, which there has been many to reach this point. These have then been tested by professional chefs and developed further through expert feedback.

Designs Expertly Reviewed

Final Product

It takes a huge number of processes to create the final product, below is the steps we go through to create each knife. Each step has been analysed and researched to ensure the highest quality.

Precise Manufacturing


Each style of handle has been modeled in the latest 3D CAD software to define exact dimensions and ensure precision geometry. These models are then used directly for CNC systems to mill precise blades and handles.


The most important ingredient to all knives, this is a process in which the blades are heated to 1050 degrees Celsius and quenched within two minutes to room temperature, ultimately   increasing the properties of the steel.


Perfect blade geometry makes the experience of cutting food a delight. The grinding is where we taper the blades to create the fine cutting edge and thin the blade to balance it with the handle. This produces a taper that will allow food to slide easily off the blade when chopping.


After we etch our logo on every blade, we etch your design onto the blade, this could be text or an image of your choosing. This process is done using a laser etcher with a resolution of over 1000 dpi.


Each handle selected is made up of the scale, bolster, spacer, liner and pins. Each one of these elements are chosen by you, we then select the most superior quality pieces. This is then milled out individually using a CNC milling machine to form accurate handle shapes.

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Hand finishing

The final finesse, each knife hand finished in a vice with wet / dry sandpaper. We go through grits from p120 to p2000, followed by buffing using a compound to give the final shine.

Grab your personalised chef knife here.

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