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APOSL life.

APOSL Sheffield chef knife store

The first personalised and affordable high quality bespoke chef knives. Crafted in Sheffield, the home of steel.

For the second post, we should probably write a little bit about the business we have created and the experiences we have had to get to this point. This has been a dream of mine and Alex's for many years. We have both headed for a career in design however our current roles do not involve working with our hands. We attend meetings, work at desks and develop the designs of products going into manufacture. That being said, boss if your reading this, I enjoy what I do and I would not be in a position that I am now if it had not been for my workplace and the people who have got me there (full name disclosure will be revealed when I make my first mil)  

But we want to work for ourselves, be independent people, the makers of our own destiny's (too much?). What we want is to be craftsmen, bring craft back into the the mainstream and use our hands to produce fine objects, not just type at a computer.

We have been very lucky with the people we have known, they have enabled us to be in the position that we are now, with 3 month of trading under our belts and a design that we are truly happy with. It has taken many... let me just stress this... many, very longs days to get to this point, on top of working 9-5 jobs and freelance work, myself and Alex have worked 6-12pm two weekdays and a day most weekends for the last 24 months. It has been a long process, but from pub ramblings to 'one day we should' to actually having a reputable business, its been worth every second.

The basis of the business is to create beautiful and unique knives that we can be proud of. We have big plans for our first year of trading and for the next three years. It will take some more very long days but creating this business has been the best career choice for us. 

I should add that if you are to start a business, who you do this with is very important, people have different strength and weaknesses, they also have ideas and opinions, this, we have found can work in our favor but also be a challenge. Working so closely with another person is amazing, as you can bounce ideas off one another and it helps have another person pushing you in the right direction when unsure, its been great us being such good friends to make this business work! We now even iron each others shirts.

Joking aside, we have worked tirelessly to create a product that I hope you like as much as we do. For all of our latest knives and designs please check out the Instagram and Facebook page @aposlknives and please give us all of your feedback, we would love to hear your opinions.

and also, Hi mum. 

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